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Animal Prisms Extended cd

Image of Animal Prisms Extended cd


CD comes in a eco friendly sleeve and includes a sticker plus 5 bonus tracks for $10

1.Animal Ghost
2.No New Years Know
3.Funny Games
4.Xes Xes
6.Apache Prisms
7.Nothing Is Moving
9.Foggy Mirrors
10.Girl Circuits
11.Saturn Phazer
12.I Only See Colors
13.No New Years Know (Mexicans With Guns Remix)
14.Funny Games (Aether Remix)
Girl Circuits (Femina-X + Bryan Hamilton Remix)

This album was recorded in the year 2012 in San Antonio Tx by Pop Pistol in a small space turned into a place of magic. The project is still emerging and is tied into the frequency of now more deeply than ever. We see the bright side of mercury the cube of saturn the newest information constantly . The politics constantly spewing in polar defenses. Many Mini Civil wars. Media controlled cuture stagnation. Media enabled culture flourishes. mysticism meiosis, musica
healing posies. The sound of inside Animals Escaping. Three brothers making music that’s alive.
released 24 October 2012
A special thankyou to all those who have helped us create and learn and grow. You have provided us with pure love and shared passion and some have let us use their tools and their creative voices. Thankyou to Ernesto Olivo, Chris Rusch, Rick Pacheo, Spencer Ramzel, Jaime Monzon, BobDog Catlin,
Daniela Riojas, Kimberly Rendon, Misha Ortiz, Jaime Sanchez, Stephen Castro, and many more people... contact : ©2012 Pop Pistol